A Practical Clinical Guide to Resin Cements


  • Michelle Sunico-Segarra
  • Armin Segarra


This book discusses and describes in detail the available resin cements, which are now a staple of dental practice. Factors that affect the clinical performance of resin cements are thoroughly examined and the different resin cements currently on the market are discussed in depth, with information on indications, limitations, handling and manipulation and storage. Decision trees and concept maps are provided to aid the clinician in choosing the right cement for particular clinical situations. The final part of the book is devoted to actual clinical procedures and provides step-by-step guidance on the cementation of inlays/onlays, veneers and crowns and bridges made of different materials. Frequently asked questions are also highlighted, with straight to the point answers. A Practical Clinical Guide to Resin Cements will serve as an invaluable reference that is ideal for consultation by clinicians prior to an important cementation procedure.

ISBN: 978-3-662-43841-1

e-Book ISBN: 978-3-662-43842-8

Published Date: 2015

Page Count: 91  , File Size: 5 Mb

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