Advanced Dental Metallic Materials

Advanced Dental Metallic Materials


  • Rebeka Rudolf
  • Peter Majeriˇc
  • Vojkan Lazi´c
  • Karlo T. Rai´c


This book delivers a broad and concise look at advanced metallic materials used for dental applications. Due to their excellent mechanical and biological properties, the use of metallic materials in dentistry has continued since time immemorial. In that sense, this book aims to bring the readers closer to the specific purpose of dental metallic materials meeting specific criteria and materials properties such as biocompatibility, non-toxicity, resistance to corrosion, long-term durability, appropriate strength and toughness, as well as corresponding values of modulus of elasticity. Following a comprehensive introduction to the field, the book discusses topical issues such as the long-term stability of dental titanium implants, processing of cobalt-chrome dental alloys, emerging gold dental alloys, and novel nanofoils used for dental joining. Featuring numerous illustrative examples of experimental outcomes, this book is an ideal resource for materials scientists and metallurgists working on advanced alloys for dental applications.

ISBN: 9783031473500
e-Book ISBN: 9783031473517
Published Date: 2024
Page Count:  193 , File Size: 6 Mb

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