Bioceramic Materials in Clinical Endodontics


  • Saulius Drukteinis
  • Josette Camilleri


This book focuses on hydraulic calcium silicate-based materials available in clinical dentistry, used as pulp capping materials, root canal sealers, root-end fillers, or root repair materials and which offer improved properties and easier clinical application compared with the original mineral trioxide aggregate.  The book introduces the current classification of bioceramic materials and explains their characterization and their physicochemical and biological properties. Thereafter, the various clinical applications of these materials are discussed in depth with reference to the evidence base. The coverage includes applications in endodontic treatments and complications, traumatic dental injuries, management of the vital pulp in both dentitions, and regenerative endodontic procedures. Apart from presenting the latest research on hydraulic calcium silicate-based materials, Bioceramic Materials in Clinical Endodontics promotes an essential balance between basic laboratory and clinical research. It will thus be an important reference for materials science specialists, clinical researchers, and clinicians.

ISBN: 978-3-030-58169-5
e-Book ISBN: 978-3-030-58170-1
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  106 , File Size: 7 Mb

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