Clinicopathological Correlation of Oral Diseases

Clinicopathological Correlation of Oral Diseases


  • Wanninayake M Tilakaratne
  • Thomas George Kallarakkal


This book represents an innovative approach to the assessment and diagnosis of both common and relatively uncommon oral diseases. It introduces the reader to adopt a systematic, analytical approach to gather clinical information and understand the underlying pathological processes to arrive at an accurate diagnosis to help efficient management of diseases in the oral and maxillofacial region. The book covers pulp and periodontal diseases, temporomandibular disorders, granulomatous disorders and salivary gland disorders. Odontogenic and non-odontogenic cysts, fibro-cemento osseous lesions, oral ulcerations, infections, tumours, reactive lesions, and oral manifestations of autoimmune and haematological disorders too are presented. High-resolution clinical radiographic and histopathological images complement the text. Additional illustrations, flow charts, and a simplified diagnostic algorithm facilitate understanding the intricate diagnostic process. Self-assessment questions in each chapter will stimulate readers’ interest. 

The book focuses on problem-based and case-based learning. The correlations elaborated between clinical scenarios and their pathological basis will provide both the students and practitioners with the information required to master and unravel the complexities of the diagnosis and management of oral diseases. 

ISBN: 9783031244070
e-Book ISBN: 9783031244087
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  722 , File Size: 57 Mb

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