Current Concept in Cleft Surgery

Current Concept in Cleft Surgery


  • Rafael Denadai
  • Lun-Jou Lo


This book intends to cover cleft-related topics which are mainly focused on the current concept of balancing excellence in outcome and burden of cleft care. The wide spectrum of covered topics includes the understanding challenges and needs to deliver the modern surgical cleft care worldwide and comprehending multidisciplinary-based longitudinal life-changing concept.

The chapters are focused on professional-friendly technical descriptions from diagnosis to execution such as nasoalveolar molding, cleft lip repair, cleft palate repair, myringotomy tube insertion, primary and secondary rhinoplasties, oronasal fistula reconstruction, velopharyngeal insufficiency management, virtual-aided alveolar reconstruction, surgery-first approach in cleft orthognathic surgery, 3D computer-assisted orthognathic surgery, revisionary surgeries, and postoperative care. Traditional and current principle-based methods are itemized into many algorithms and protocols to aid in diagnosing, planning, and selecting the best therapeutic approach in order to balance excellence in outcome and burden of care. Many surgical-, orthodontic-, speech-, and postoperative care-related technical examples, intraoperative photos, and full-colour illustrative drawings can guide the professionals working in multidisciplinary teams through each traditional and newer hybrid operative procedure in a detailed step-by-step fashion with emphasis on how to perform each procedure, rather than on theoretical-only descriptions.

This book provides time- and scientifically-tested treatment algorithms to guide multidisciplinary teams during decision making process for each clinical scenario of the longitudinal cleft care

ISBN:  9789811931628
e-Book ISBN: 9789811931635
Published Date: 2022
Page Count:  742 , File Size: 104 Mb

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