Dental Implant Failure: A Clinical Guide to Prevention, Treatment, and Maintenance Therapy


  • Thomas G. Wilson Jr.
  • Stephen Harrel


This book examines the current state of knowledge on why implant failures occur, makes specific recommendations for prevention of failure, and emphasizes the role that maintenance plays in increasing the probability of success. Current recommendations for the treatment of ailing implants are also reviewed. Prevention begins with appropriate patient selection and treatment planning, correct implant placement, and effective prosthetic rehabilitation. All of these aspects are thoroughly discussed. The specifics of maintenance therapy for patients with dental implants are then addressed, bearing in mind that patients on a regular maintenance schedule following completion of active therapy have fewer implant complications. Readers will find information on the frequency of visits as well as step-by-step guidance for a routine visit. In addition, current concepts regarding the etiology of implant failure are covered, with explanation of their potential implications for maintenance care. The book will be an ideal aid and reference source for all clinicians wishing to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and developments in the field of dental implant diagnosis, maintenance, and therapeutic intervention.

ISBN: 978-3-030-18894-8

e-Book ISBN: 978-3-030-18895-5

Published Date: 2019

Page Count: 106  , File Size: 5 Mb

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