Extracellular Matrix Biomineralization of Dental Tissue Structure

Extracellular Matrix Biomineralization of Dental Tissue Structure


  • Michel Goldberg
  • Pamela Den Besten


This book addresses the structural and biological properties of dental and peridental tissue structures and covers their mineralization process. The book contains a description of dentines, cementum, enamel and bone, including collagens, as well as non-collagenous proteins (SIBLINGs, SLRPs, GAGs, PGs, lipids, and MMPs).

The mechanisms of mineralization are described in detail and the book is focused on matrix vesicles, collagen mineralization and the role of non-collagenous extracellular matrix components either as promoters or inhibitors of mineralization. In addition, the matrix components (non-collagenous) of enamel (amelogenin, ameloblastin, enamelin, MMP4, MMP20 and other proteases) are reviewed and their respective roles in dental tissues biomineralizations and tissue turnover are discussed. Additionally, environmental factors involved in enamel / dentin defects are adressed.

With state-of-the-art contributions from experts in the respective domains, the book is a useful introduction to the field for junior scientists, interested in dental and peridental tissue biomineralization. It is also an interesting read for advanced scientists and clinicians working in dental research, giving them a broader view of the topic beyond their area of specialization.

The series Biology of Extracellular Matrix is published in collaboration with the American Society for Matrix Biology.

ISBN: 9783030762827
e-Book ISBN: 9783030762834
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  305 , File Size: 60 Mb

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Extracellular Matrix Biomineralization of Dental Tissue Structure