Facial Reconstruction of Unusual Facial Clefts

Facial Reconstruction of Unusual Facial Clefts


  • Nivaldo Alonso
  • Renato da Silva Freitas
  • Cristiano Tonello
  • Philippe Pellerin


Facial cleft is one of the most common congenital anomalies while atypical facial clefts are rare, with an incidence of 1.43 and 4.85 in 100,000 births.

This book is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of rare facial clefts. It provides a comprehensive review of clinical aspects and surgical approaches used in unusual facial clefts and associated syndromes. Moreover, presents different classifications and surgical techniques, reflecting the authors extensive experience with a broad cross-section of treated patients. The rich illustrations and computed tomography images  allows a broad view, helping the reader to understand the conduct in complex cases.

Facial Reconstruction of Unusual Facial Clefts is an indispensable reference for all healthcare professionals involved in the multidisciplinary treatment of patients with craniofacial anomalies.

ISBN: 9783031409257
e-Book ISBN: 9783031409264
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  362 , File Size: 39 Mb

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