Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Global Perspective


  • Louis G. DePaola
  • Leslie E. Grant


This book reviews the principles of infection control and the guidelines and standards of care in multiple countries, discussing them within the context of the practice of dentistry. The aim is to enable dental practitioners to ensure that the appropriate measures are adopted for each patient contact, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission of infection – a goal that is becoming ever more important given the threats posed by new or re-emerging infectious diseases and drug-resistant infections. Readers will find information and guidance on all aspects of infection control within the dental office: hand and respiratory hygiene, use of personal protective equipment, safe handling of sharps and safe injection practices, management of occupational exposures, maintenance of dental unit water quality, surface disinfection, and the cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments. Infection Control in the Dental Office will be an invaluable asset for all dental practitioners, including dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants.

ISBN: 978-3-030-30084-5
e-Book ISBN: 978-3-030-30085-2
Published Date: 2020
Page Count:  212 , File Size: 9 Mb

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Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Global Perspective

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