Minimally Invasive (MI) Orthognathic Surgery

Minimally Invasive (MI) Orthognathic Surgery


  • Gwen R.J. Swennen


This comprehensive and visually engaging color atlas and manual serves as an invaluable resource for orthognathic and orthofacial surgeons seeking detailed information on the various aspects of minimally invasive (MI) orthognathic surgery. The initial two chapters lay the foundation for a groundbreaking and innovative approach to MI orthognathic surgery, drawing from a wealth of 25 years of experience. The authors delve into the rationale behind this novel concept, aiming to enhance surgical efficiency and minimize patient morbidity. They present an in-depth exploration of the new surgical algorithm, which encompasses a systematic, step-by-step standardization of MI orthognathic techniques. The development of specialized MI orthognathic instruments and the introduction of innovative surgical codes, sequences, and templates are thoroughly elucidated. Subsequently, the following five chapters meticulously outline the “step-by-step” MI surgical techniques for the five primary orthognathic surgical procedures. These descriptions are accompanied by detailed illustrations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each technique. In the closing chapter, the book delves into the essential conditions required for successful MI orthognathic surgery, providing a thorough exploration of these necessary prerequisites. This book serves as a practical and user-friendly guide, offering clear and straightforward “step-by-step” instructions suitable for residents in training, junior surgeons, as well as experienced practitioners. Orthognathic and orthofacial surgeons will find “Minimally Invasive (MI) Orthognathic Surgery” to be an outstanding companion in their routine surgical practice.

ISBN: 9783031380112
e-Book ISBN: 9783031380129
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  194 , File Size: 27 Mb

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