Oral Biochemistry

Oral Biochemistry


  • Byung-Moo Min


This book provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of oral biochemistry by explaining the role of basic biochemistry and dentistry concepts and identifying their metabolic processes of soft tissues that comprise oral and maxillofacial anatomy.

The book also discusses how metabolic abnormalities are related to the development of oral diseases.

Readers will gain a comprehensive perspective on a variety of oral conditions and related metabolic abnormalities.

Individual chapters are focused on crucial topics such as enamel, dentine, saliva, fluoride, and many more.

The importance of evidence-based explanation and case study details are also highlighted. Oral biochemistry is the first book to be devoted entirely to this area, and it will be of interest to researchers, students, and practitioners.

ISBN: 9789819935956
e-Book ISBN: 9789819935963
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  175 , File Size: 9 Mb

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