Oral Cancer Detection: Novel Strategies and Clinical Impact


  • Prashanth Panta


This monograph equips clinicians with the knowledge required to detect oral cancer at the earliest possible stage while simultaneously inspiring researchers to work on novel methods of detection. All the methods employed in the oral cancer context are considered, from simple ones like oral screening to more complex emerging optical methods and biomarker identification strategies. Individual chapters focus on conventional oral screening and application of vital stains, optical methods like white light based fluorescence-reflectance imaging, narrow band imaging, direct-oral-microscopy, and more advanced methods like optical coherence tomography, an in-vivo optical biopsy technique, and photo-acoustic imaging that allows visualization of deeper tissue changes. Novel electrical methods like bio-impedance assessment, occult biophysical methods like crystallization test, and the most promising salivary biomarkers and point-of-care opportunities are covered. Helpful information is also provided on essential topics including, oral potentially malignant disorders, biological aspects and molecular mechanisms underlying oral cancer progression, global epidemiology, concept of diagnostic delays, traditional imaging, and classic histopathology and microscopic features. The newer techniques are currently of active research interest, and can soon become powerful chair-side tools with potential to reduce diagnostic delays and improve survival.

eBook ISBN: 783319612553

Hardcover ISBN: 9783319612546

Published Date: 2019

Page Count:  315 , File Size: 20 Mb

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Oral Cancer Detection: Novel Strategies and Clinical Impact

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