Oral Health Psychology: Psychological Aspects Related to Dentistry

Oral Health Psychology: Psychological Aspects Related to Dentistry


  • Tiril Willumsen 
  • Jostein Paul Årøen Lein
  • Ronald C. Gorter 
  • Lena Myran


This textbook is exceptional in its coverage of modern theories on the patient-centered approach to communication, preventive dentistry, and dental anxiety. It provides the knowledge and tools required in order to implement a trauma-sensitive approach that will enhance the treatment experience for both the patient and the dental practitioner. General psychological aspects of dentistry and behavior management in patients who experience dental fear, anxiety, and pain are considered in detail. Extensive attention is devoted to the effective delivery of preventive care and dental treatment in a wide range of specific patient groups, including fearful and abused children and patients suffering from depression, personality disorders, psychosis, substance abuse disorders, and eating disorders. The importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and self-care in the dental clinic is also discussed. The book is an international collaborative effort between dentists and psychologists who draw on scientific research as well as their personal experiences in clinical practice. It is an excellent educational resource and will help readers to solve challenges in their own clinical settings. 

ISBN: 9783031042478
e-Book ISBN: 9783031042485
Published Date: 2022
Page Count:  345 , File Size: 14 Mb

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Oral Health Psychology: Psychological Aspects Related to Dentistry

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