Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care, 4th Edition


  • Mike A. O. Lewis
  • Philip-John Lamey


This book is an up-to-date guide to the diagnosis and management of the oral and orofacial conditions that may be encountered by dentists in primary care. Now in its fourth edition, the book has been completely restructured to provide a clinical signs and symptoms approach to disease that will enhance the ability of clinicians to establish the correct diagnosis. This is achieved by the lavish use of high-quality colour clinical illustrations that cover the full spectrum of conditions seen most frequently in the dental surgery. In addition, contemporary information on patient management is presented in a clear and reader-friendly style. The book provides the clinician with an extremely useful tool for clinical diagnosis and delivery of the highest quality patient care. The contents are of direct relevance to all members of the dental team, not only in general practice but also in specialist settings.

ISBN: 978-3-030-15431-8
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Published Date: 2019

Page Count: 220  , File Size: 17 Mb

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Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care, 4th Edition

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