Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner

Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner


  • Sondos Albadri
  • Claire L. Stevens


This book is a practical, comprehensive guide to the management of children and adolescents in general dental practice. A logical, evidence-based approach to oral health is adopted throughout. The commonly encountered oral and dental problems and their diagnosis and treatment are covered in detail, with particular attention to dental caries, dental trauma, developmental anomalies, periodontal problems, and soft tissue conditions. Up-to-date guidance is provided on history taking, dental examination, preventive strategies and advanced behaviour management. In addition the relevance of common medical conditions to dental management is discussed. The book is divided into four sections, each of which focusses on a specific age group, helping the reader to relate clinical issues to the different dental developmental stages. The readily understandable text is supported by many informative colour illustrations and diagrams.

ISBN: 9783030663711
e-Book ISBN: 9783030663728
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  325 , File Size: 12 Mb

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Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner