Periodontitis: Advances in Experimental Research

Periodontitis: Advances in Experimental Research


  • Julien Santi-Rocca


Periodontitis is a disease that affects more than half the adult population in the world. Treatment is often based on ancient recommendations consisting in mechanically removing material from damaged zones. However, novel therapeutic management strategies exist, from prevention to efficient treatment, and regeneration. The need of integrative approaches to circumvent this worldwide pledge can be achieved through:

  • A better understanding of this complex disease by promoting scientific research and a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, including epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, physiology, therapeutics, psychology, etc.
  • A better outreach by promoting vulgarization and recommendations for health professionals.
  • A better information of the empowered patients, leading them to consider prevention and to take part in their therapeutic course.

The book “Periodontitis: Advances in Experimental Research” includes a timely collection of chapters covering all the fields of research about periodontitis, consisting in concise reviews by the best specialists themselves and with clinical perspectives for periodontitis. Recent technological advances have allowed to explore shadowed areas of periodontology.

The book “Periodontitis: Advances in Experimental Research” is a unique occasion to set a milestone for a more integrated field of periodontitis, with a broad scientific, medical, and public audience thanks to dedicated sections in each chapter:

  • Abstract and main body (scientific audience and expert clinicians)
  • Highlights (scientific audience and clinicians)
  • Impact for Practice (clinicians and economical/political decision makers)
  • Summary for Patients (patients and economical/political decision makers)

ISBN: 9783030968809
e-Book ISBN: 9783030968816
Published Date: 2022
Page Count:  400 , File Size: 15 Mb

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Periodontitis: Advances in Experimental Research

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