Radiographic Planning and Assessment of Endosseous Oral Implants

  • Reinhilde Jacobs
  • Daniel van Steenberghe

Precise radiographic planning of implant areas influences the treatment planning both from the surgical and the prosthodontic point of view. Thorough radiographic assessment reduces the incidence of complications. Early recognition of failure helps in dealing with complications. This book is an innovative issue dealing with radiographic techniques for the placement and assessment of endosseous oral implants. It is a practical guide for all those involved in oral implant surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation. Richly illustrated with radiographs, overview tables and flow diagrams it provides step by step procedures for the planning and assessment of oral implants.

ISBN: 978-3-642-80426-7
e-Book ISBN:

Published Date: 1998

Page Count: 119  , File Size: 13 Mb


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