Treatment Options Before and After Edentulism: Tooth Supported Overdentures

Treatment Options Before and After Edentulism: Tooth Supported Overdentures


  • Yasemin Özkan


This richly illustrated book presents different treatment protocols in preventive prosthodontics to help clinicians face a widening range of possibilities in partially edentulous patients. The introductory chapter explains the theoretical and technical background as well as clinical considerations for overdenture. Different attachment systems for overdentures are then described in detail covering stud attachments, bar attachments, magnetic and telescopic attachments. The final part of the volume focuses on the clinical evaluation parameters of an overdenture treatment, supporting tooth preparation and post treatment protocol. Throughout the book, much attention is devoted to preventive prosthodontics and the importance of any procedure that can delay or eliminate future prosthodontic problems. Two companion volumes covering treatment options after edentulism, including implant overdenture and implant supported fixed restorations, are available separately.

ISBN: 9783031375811
e-Book ISBN: 9783031375828
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  424 , File Size: 54 Mb

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