A Guide to General Dental Practice

A Guide to General Dental Practice


  • Nick Priest
  • Hardev Seehra
  • Murray Wallace


This book is aimed at recent dental graduates and vocational dental practitioners. The stated intention of the book is to assist readers starting their careers in general dental practice within the UK. The book was originally compiled by the Wessex Vocational Dental Practitioners and has now been re-edited. The three editors of the book are all general dental practitioners, two of whom have been practising for several years with a wide range of experience in general dental practice. The third editor is a recent graduate who qualified in 2004.

The dental graduate is often anxious about being left to his or her own devices out in the real world, no longer cushioned by the dental hospital. This book is a good introduction to general dental practice for any new graduate. The book is concise and reports on a number of important topics.

The book covers a wide range of material including law and ethics, clinical governance, medical histories, medical emergencies, orthodontics, prescribing, pain, trauma, oral cancer and wide-ranging practice information. The book presents information very clearly by the use of bullet points and various flow charts which makes it very easy to understand and user friendly. However, some of the information provided, though accurate at the present time, will no doubt change due to advances in dentistry and new legislation and publications. As a result some of the information may become outdated soon.

The information provided about setting up a practice and the financial side of running a business are especially helpful as most dental graduates know very little about this aspect of dentistry as it is not in the dental curriculum.

Overall, this book is a useful reference to any dentist throughout the life of their career, but ultimately it is most valuable for new graduates and vocational dental practitioners starting their career in general dental practice.

ISBN: 1846190878
ISBN-13: 9781846190872
Published Date: 2006
Page Count:  171 , File Size: 40 Mb

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