Adapting Dermal Fillers in Clinical Practice


  • Yates Yen-Yu Chao
  • Sebastian Cotofana


There have been many different brands of dermal fillers approved for use for soft tissue augmentation in the US market alone, comprising four different types of temporary fillers and one permanent type, with several other brands and types also available elsewhere in the world. Against such a potentially bewildering variety and range of choices, this new text offers a scientific and an anatomic rationale for why a particular filler should be selected as optimal for each individual location and indication and how it should best be used in treatments. International experts share their clinical knowledge and expertise to guide all levels of aesthetic practitioners toward the best results for each individual patient.

CONTENTS: Fundamentals of Injectable Filler Procedures * Basic Injection Techniques * Modified and Advanced Injection Techniques * Novel Injection Techniques * Aesthetic Filler Injection Pearls * Adapting Injection Techniques to Different Regions * Adapting Injection Techniques to Special Indications * Adapting Injection Techniques to Different Filling Materials * Adapting Injection Techniques to Different Genders * Adapting Injection Techniques to Different Age Groups * Adapting Injection Techniques to Patients of Different Ethnicity * Prevention and Management of Complications.

ISBN: 9781032259529
e-Book ISBN: 9780429260520
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  283 , File Size: 31 Mb
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