Advanced Removable Partial Dentures, 2012 Edition


James S. Brudvik


The printed version of this book, intended for my grad students was published be Quintessence in 1999 and went out of print in 2008. The original printing had been sold out at that time and the publisher decided that with sales down to only a hundred or so a year that they would return my author’s rights and take the book out of print.
Since that time I have made the book available to any and all who were interested, and of course, my grad students with this “electric” version which I have just edited to bring things up to date.
The original book had only my drawings for illustrations as that has always been my favorite way of explaining things, taking artistic license to exaggerate as needed to make my point. Old age has taken some of the fun out of the drawings so I have included pictures, taken by my students, where they did a better job of explaining things. Unfortunately, the inclusion of some of these pictures has led to formatting problems, especially in Chapter 12, a new chapter to bring the book up to date. These problems are due to my lack of ability on the computer for which I can only blame senility.

ISBN: 978-0867153514

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 219  , File Size: 5 Mb

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