Alexanders Discipline: A Simple Decision

  • Eduardo César Werneck

About 10 years ago was on a Florianopolis (Brazil) Course taught by Professor Alexander, in particular when the honourable speaker offered a time to answer the written questions of the participants that meeting.   That was when a particular individual, more for cowardice, for which that lack of education, with no sign that said “Your technique does not treat the deep bite”!Professor Alexander said it was simply a untruths…We lost all clear, because it was a serious question about how to handle these issues, rather than just throw a stone on the glass in a coward, then certainly all present know more about this philosophy!No tire of learning more, when I bond of each bracket the Alexander’s Discipline, and even put on each archwire in order to move the tooth.

ISBN: 978-85-98957-05-0

Published Date: 2009

Page Count: 150  , File Size: 4  Mb


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