Atlas of Clinical Oncology: Cancer of the Head and Neck (American Cancer Society)

Dr. Jatin P. Shah has brought together contributing authors in a single volume that represents the head and neck management team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The strength of the volume is in it's internal consistency of diagnostic approaches, therapeutic decisions, multidisciplinary treatment programs, and surgical techniques. An effort has also been made to be comprehensive and to give a balanced view to other treatment approaches. This book follows the ACS and American Head and Neck Society guidelines, focusing primarily on outcome analysis and implementation of evidence based medicine. These have proved excellent guidelines for the practitioner in the community and are rapidly becoming standards of care. Essential to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease is the involvement of a multidisciplinary management team of medical experts. Such disease management teams develop treatment algorithms and establish treatment guidelines to unify an approach to maintain internal consistency, initiate investigative protocols, and push the frontiers in the battle against cancer.

ISBN: 978-1550090840

Published Date: 2001

Page Count: 496  , File Size: 39 Mb

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