Biomaterials in Endodontics

Biomaterials in Endodontics


  • Zohaib Khurshid
  • Muhammad Sohail Zafar
  • Shariq Najeeb
  • Jithendra Ratnayake


Biomaterials in Endodontics offers an up-to-date overview of endodontic biomaterials and their applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This book details the key biomaterials used in clinical endodontics and the benefits and challenges of using these materials, from root canal obturation materials to alloys for endodontic files and hand instruments. Chapters also offer a unique insight into the regenerative applications of endodontic biomaterials, such as the use of stem cells and growth factors for bone regeneration. Biomaterials in Endodontics is a useful resource for researchers working in biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine, and materials science with an interest in dentistry and bone regeneration. This book is also a helpful guide for endodontists, dentists, dental scientists, and clinicians with an interest in biomaterials for endodontics.

ISBN: 9780128217467
e-Book ISBN: 9780128217450
Published Date: 2022
Page Count:  414 , File Size: 46 Mb

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Biomaterials in Endodontics

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