Bone Augmentation: Material Science and Clinical Manual Easy-graft


  • Kurt Ruffieux
  • Michael Köhli


A book describing the successful application of bone graft substitutes that harden in the defect in dentistry and oral surgery.

The First Section describes the most important principles of bone and bone graft substitutes.

  • Bone: terms and principles.
  • Application and function of easy-graft pruducts.
  • Bone graft substitutes: resorbable or volume-stable?
  • Frequently asked questions

The Second Section discusses the options and limitations of easy-graft products in different indications based on case reports.

  • Socket preservation
  • Closure of oroantral communications
  • Periodontics
  • Implantology
  • Augmentations

ISBN: 978-3-033-02859-3
Published Date: 2011
Page Count: 167  , File Size: 90 Mb
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