Bone Response to Dental Implant Materials


  • Adriano Piattelli


Bone Response to Dental Implant Materials examines the oral environment and the challenges associated with dental biomaterials. Understanding different in vivo and in vitro responses is essential for engineers to successfully design and tailor implant materials which will withstand the different challenges of this unique environment. This comprehensive book reviews the fundamentals of bone responses in a variety of implant materials and presents strategies to tailor and control them.

Key Features

  • Presents a specific focus on the development and use of biomaterials in the oral environment
  • Discusses the basic science of the dental interface and its clinical applications
  • Contains important coverage on the monitoring and analysis of the dental implant interface

ISBN: 978-0-08-100287-2
e-Book ISBN:

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 286  , File Size: 6 Mb

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Bone Response to Dental Implant Materials

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