Business Basics for Dentists, 2nd Edition

Business Basics for Dentists, 2nd Edition


  • James L. Harrison
  • David O. Willis
  • Charles K. Thieman


Concise yet comprehensive overview of business management principles tailored for dental practices, with strategies to apply the core concepts to achieve success

Rather than presenting a rote checklist of steps for success, Business Basics for Dentists, Second Edition describes business, economic, marketing, and management principles and explains how to apply them to dental practice. Now fully updated throughout, this book provides the essential elements of a business course—management principles, economics, business finance, and financial analysis—without getting bogged down in too much detail. Dental students and new practitioners will learn how to use the core strategic and operational business philosophies to develop an effective dental practice.

The business management principles are related to various aspects of running and managing a dental practice, including office communications, billing, inventory, and marketing. All aspects of practice transition are approached, including career opportunities, buying a practice, starting a new practice, multi-practitioner arrangements, practice valuation, and planning and developing a practice. The book also covers personal financial planning to ensure that the dentist is also planning for their finances and retirement beyond the bounds of the practice.

Business Basics for Dentists, Second Edition covers
• Personal money management and insurance needs, reducing the personal tax burden, estate planning, and securing financing
• Business entities, basic economics, the legal environment of the dental practice, financial statements, and business taxes and tax planning
• Management principles, planning the dental practice, financial analysis, and control in the dental office, maintaining production and collections, and gaining case acceptance
• Generating patients for the practice, controlling costs, promoting staff effectiveness, and maintaining daily operations

Focusing on the transition period from a dental student, through corporate employee, to ownership, Business Basics for Dentists is a valuable tool for dental students and professionals seeking to further their career path through actionable advice from experts in the field.

ISBN: 9781119892854
e-Book ISBN: 9781119892878
Published Date: 2023
Page Count:  508 , File Size: 6 Mb

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