Challenging Nature: Wax-up Techniques in Aesthetics and Functional Occlusion


  • Paulo Kano


Fabrication of posterior prosthetic teeth is an art that requires technicians to reproduce the minute details of occlusal form using difficult methods of wax-up. Written for students as well as experienced clinicians, this unique atlas will change the way that technicians wax up teeth. It guides readers, step-by-step, through the author’s revolutionary wax-up technique to re-create the complex morphology of premolar and molar teeth. The accompanying text provides straightforward explanations and illustrations of all techniques. Lavishly illustrated throughout, each chapter builds technical knowledge with sections on nomenclature, morphology, wax handling and application, functional wax-up sequences for maxillary and mandibular dentition, and adhesive cementation and culminates in a series of impressive clinical cases. A must-have resource for any dental technician wanting to review occlusal form and improve the functional morphology of posterior restorations.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-203-7
Published Date: 2011
Page Count: 287, File Size: 348 Mb

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Challenging Nature: Wax-up Techniques in Aesthetics and Functional Occlusion

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