Clinical Cases in Orthodontics


Martyn T. Cobourne, Padhraig S. Fleming, Andrew T. DiBiase, Sofia Ahmad


Wiley-Blackwell’s Clinical Cases series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Orthodontics applies both theory and practice to real-life orthodontic cases in a clinically relevant format. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from Class I malocclusions to orthognathic surgery. Highly illustrated in full color, Clinical Cases in Orthodontics format fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations.

ISBN: 978-1-4051-9779-3

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 458  , File Size: 77 Mb

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