Clinical Orthodontics (Volume 1 &2)


  • Charles H. Tweed


This text is written by a clinical orthodontist primarily for the clinical orthodontist. It is concerned with orthodontic procedures involved in the treatment of malocclusion in both the mixed and permanent dentitions. The mechanics described and illustrated are confined to the construction and use of the edgewise arch wire mechanism. The treatment procedures described are based on 36 years of clinical practice and research and 14 years of cephalometric research

Since I948 I have been director of the advanced courses in orthodontics presented in Tucson, under the auspices of the Charles H. Tweed Foundation for Orthodontic Research, and recently co-sponsored by St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

ISBN: 66-25607
Published Date: 1966
Page Count:  1275 , File Size: 260 Mb

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