Clinical Short-Answer Questions for Postgraduate Dentistry


  • St.-John Crean
  • Zarina Shaikh
  • Liam Addy


Postgraduates who wish to pursue specialist training in the United Kingdom are required to take an oral exam for Membership in the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS). This book prepares candidates for the topics that will be covered and the level of knowledge that will be required. It consists of a series of clinical cases that are used to demonstrate the various ways in which several different sets of sample questions may be developed from a single clinical case scenario. Questions are framed to reflect the short-answer format of the oral exam and to emphasize the need for candidates to develop well-rounded knowledge of the clinical information presented. References are provided where applicable to highlight the need for evidence-based answers at the postgraduate level. An essential resource for those preparing for the MFDS exam or for the Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (MFGDP) exam, which draws upon the same general body of knowledge.

ISBN-10: 1850971021

Published Date: 2007

Page Count: 178 , File Size: 15 Mb

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