Clinical Success in Surgical and Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth


Jean-Marie Korbendau
Antonio Patti


Successful orthodontic and surgical treatment require a firm understanding of the stages of tooth development and the various factors that lead to tooth impaction. This book uses such knowledge to demonstrate how the majority of impacted teeth can be erupted and moved to a more optimal position in the dental arch. The authors present practical, step-by-step procedures for establishing a precise anatomic diagnosis, using prevention strategies to restore normal eruptive pathways, making room in the dental arch for the emergence of an impacted tooth, locating the impacted tooth, and developing effective orthodontic appliances. Each of these procedures is amply illustrated in the numerous clinical cases provided. The practical techniques introduced in this book can be applied, in some cases, to prevent the need for painful and costly surgery, to shorten treatment times, and to enhance clinical results.

ISBN: 2-912550-44-0

Published Date: 2006

Page Count: 120 , File Size: 50 Mb

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