Color Atlas of Dental Medicine: Aesthetic Dentistry


Josef Schmidseder,


Exquisitely illustrated update on all new aesthetic techniques from a team of master practitioners… In today’s modern dental practice, the patient’s role has changed–from petitioner seeking pain relief to client requesting a wide range of services, including improved looks. Often the patient will decide between amalgam, gold, composite or ceramics as the material of choice for a posterior tooth restoration, or have a say in the processing method used for its fabrication!This lavishly illustrated new volume in the prestigious Color Atlas of Dental Medicine Series explores the full scope of today’s rapidly growing practice of aesthetic dentistry and its future evolution. You will find full coverage of the improved aesthetics and biocompatibility possible in new all-ceramic and metal-ceramic systems, plus details on in-lay, onlay, and veneer processing methods. And you will benefit from the informed discussion of each technique and system, complete with the advantages and disadvantages of each.Special topics covered:

  • Basic principles, indications, diagnostics, and treatment planning
  • All background on composites-direct posterior restorations and composite inlays
  • Aesthetics and function of direct anterior restorations
  • The newest metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations, including clinical aspects of the all-ceramic crown and inlays
  • Step-by-step bleaching techniques
  • How to achieve maximum aesthetics with implants

ISBN 3-13-117731-4 (GTV)
ISBN 0-86577-923-6 (TNY)
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