Concepts in Dental Public Health, 2nd Edition


  • Jill Mason


Written specifically for dental hygienists, this comprehensive textbook covers concepts, issues, techniques, and methods related to dental public health. It focuses on the assessment of factors that affect oral health of populations and the development of policy in response to a population’s needs. It also provides information regarding the active promotion of oral health maintenance.

This text is unique in that it applies the Dental Hygiene Process of Care – a globally accepted, foundational concept in clinical care for dental hygienists – to the subject of dental public health, lending it greater relevance and familiarity to dental hygiene students. In addition, the text is based on the American Association of Dental Educators’ Competencies for Dental Hygienists. A chapter on National Board Preparation, including Board-style review questions, prepares students for the national exam. Review questions and learning activities are also incorporated into each chapter.

ISBN: 9781582558417

Published Date: 2010

Page Count: 370  , File Size: 11 Mb

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    – Dental Public Health & Research by Nathe
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