Dancing Hands (Scanned Copy)

Dancing Hands (Scanned Copy)

Deductions and prescriptions of working methods, skills, assistance, teamwork, precision vision, working postures, equipment and organization in dental practice.


  • Herluf Skovsgaard


Quality and performance in dental practice depend on well-trained hands, and this book presents a new paradigm in manual training for dentists and assistants. Manual abilities are a fundamental part of clinical competence and are essential to chairside teamwork in the dental treatment room. However, acquiring this complex competence is too often left to individual experience and bad habits set over time. This book establishes a standard for manual competence, which can be learned and trained. The author outlines the 12 basic principles that underscore the postures, movements, and communication elements necessary to support the best working methods. The dos and don’ts of practice, posture, and positioning equipment are all here.

ISBN: 9781850972631
Published Date: 2013
Page Count:  263 , File Size: 114 Mb

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