Deconstructing the Interview (Oxford Specialty Training)


  • Duncan Harding


Succeeding at a clinical interview is a critical hurdle you will face throughout your training requiring you to demonstrate confidence, professionalism, and strong communication skills. Deconstructing the Interview takes a fresh approach to passing interviews, by examining the processes which underline successful interview performances. Instead of focusing on checklists of information, this book looks at factors for success in all interviews and helps you develop key
strategies and skills that will enable success in any interview.

Packed full of advice, practical tips, real-life anecdotes, and exercises; this book will provide you with skills to prepare for your interview and perform at your best. It also explores learning to cope with anxiety and how to benefit from failure so that you can perform even better next time.

Ideal for health practitioners at all levels of training and all specialties, including medical or dental students, trainees, and consultants, nurses, and midwives; Deconstructing the Interview is full of practical advice to increase your confidence and improve your chances of success in any interview throughout your career.

ISBN: 978-0-19-876819-7
Published Date: 2018
Page Count:  137 , File Size: 2 Mb
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