Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach, 5th Edition


  • Donna J. Phinney
  • Judy H. Halstead


Popular and trusted, DENTAL ASSISTING: A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH, 5th Edition is the all-in-one resource that helps aspiring dental assistants break into the field with confidence. Dental assistants need to master many skills while taking on increasing responsibilities, from basic practices and procedures to advanced clinical competencies and patient safety — and this book covers it all! A complete learning system, it offers many features that help you navigate the dental office while thinking on your feet, including case studies, animations, step-by-step instruction Also available, digital learning tools from MindTap leverage videos, real-life case studies, dynamic review materials, apps, and more, to help you learn on your own terms. Begin your future in dental assisting today!

ISBN: 978-1-305-96763-2

Published Date: 2018

Page Count: 1120  , File Size: 183 Mb

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Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach, 5th Edition

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