Dental Radiography Principles and Techniques, 4th Edition


Joen M. Iannucci
Laura Jansen Howerton


Providing essential coverage of dental radiography principles and complete technical instruction, Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques, 4th Edition, is your key to the safe, effective use of radiation in the dental office. The first ever full-color dental radiography resource, this combination of a textbook and a training manual guides you step-by-step through common procedures, with accompanying illustrations, case studies, and interactive exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned to practice.

ISBN: 978-1-4377-1162-2

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 484 , File Size: 71 Mb

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Newer 5th edition also available:

DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY: Principles and Techniques, 5th Edition

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