Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries, 4th Edition

Author : 
  • Debra Jennings
  • Janet Chernega
Description : 

EMERGENCY GUIDE FOR DENTAL AUXILIARIES, 4E contains the information and instruction needed in order to effectively handle a medical emergency in the dental office. In addition to basic technical instruction, this new edition provides up-to-date information on First Aid techniques, legal concerns, and safety procedures. A new design helps to better illustrate core concepts and increase comprehension. “Emergency Basics” boxes outline the sequence of steps for recognizing a medical emergency as well as action points to assist the patient.

  • “Emergency Basics” boxes highlighted in each chapter provide quick access to the signs, symptoms, and First Aid steps to managing various medical emergencies.
  • Review questions and problem-solving scenarios allow students to review and apply the textbook’s content.
  • Updated information about emergency protocols for CPR and airway obstruction among other essential skills.
  • Coverage of all major medical emergencies and an accompanying action plan for the dental professional.

ISBN: 978-1-111-13860-8

Published Date: 2013

Page Count: 258  , File Size: 9 Mb

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