Essential Pathology for Dental Students, 5th Edition (& Practical Pathology Book)


Harsh Mohan
Sugandha Mohan


The book “Essential Pathology for dental students” has been thoroughly updated and contains newer contents and it is expected to be highly useful and more appealing. A new feature incorporated in this edition is placing of gist boxes at the end of each topic presenting a summary of the topic just covered so that the learner can quickly revise it in a short time. In “Essential Pathology for dental students”, the present edition has been redesigned in illustrations, layout and in printing for a more aesthetic look as well. All the chapters and topics have undergone thorough revision and updating of various aspects. While most of the newer information has been inserted between the lines, a few topics have been rewritten. The book “Essential Pathology for dental students” is simple, easy-to-understand and reproducibility of the subject matter and emphasis on clarity and accuracy. The book “Essential Pathology for dental students” is divided into two parts first part is general pathology and systemic pathology. The two parts of this book are divided into six sections which comprise total 30 chapters. The first section deals with the cell in health and disease. The second section discusses the inflammation and healing, immunity and hypersensitivity, infections and infestations. Section third covers the fluid and haemodynamic disorders. The fourth section provides the neoplasia. The fifth section covers the haematology and lymphoreticular tissues. The last section discusses the selected topics from systemic pathology.

ISBN: 978-93-86107-74-9

Published Date:  2017

Page Count:  634 , File Size  70 Mb

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Practical Pathology for Dental Students, 2nd Edition

by Harsh Mohan , Sugandha Mohan 

The book “PATHOLOGY PRACTICAL BOOK for Dental Students” covers all the pathological aspects and it is expected to be useful for practising clinicians and other students of medicine such as those pursuing course in physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory technology and alternate systems of medicine. The book is organized in such a way that it aims to sharpen the practical and diagnostic skills in pathology in a user-friendly manner. The book is organised into 4 sections comprising of 25 exercises. Each section is having different practical exercises patterned on the format of practical class for students. The topics discussed are techniques in pathology, clinical pathology and basic cytopathology, haematology and histopathology. Section 1 describes on techniques of pathology. The basic cytopathologic techniques and their applications are discussed in Section 2. Section 3 describes the various aspects related to haematology such as haemoglobin estimation, screening tests for bleeding disorders. The fourth section discusses about histopathology of different tumours such as primary epithelial tumours—I, tumours—II, non-epithelial and metastatic tumours, atherosclerosis and vascular tumours, cysts and diseases of bones.

ISBN: 978-93-86107-96-1

Published Date: 2017

Page Count:  144 , File Size 35 Mb

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