Essentials in Dentistry (A Student’s Manual)

Author : 
  • Jain Priyanka
  • Naik Balaram
Description :     

This book, Essentials In Dentistry, deals with dentistry. The dental literature already contains a great number of books which, for the most part deal with exclusively, in some depth, with a particular branch or aspect of dentistry. The aim of this book is not to replace these specialist dental texts, but rather to complement them by putting together theory and practical information into a more accessible format. Diagnosing and dealing with critical subjects in oral health and management is very important. With reference to information provided in certain chapters, diagnosis can be made more easily as the author has explained subjects (such as caries and periodontitis and their radiological diagnosis) with classifications and diagrams thus simplifying it wherever possible. The text is arranged in thirteen chapters which include: Analgesia and Sedation, Preventive Dentistry, Isolation and Soft Tissue Protection in Dentistry, Dental Radiography, Radiographic Diagnosis of Caries, Radiographic Diagnosis of Periodontitis, Dental Materials, etc.

ISBN: 978-93-5152-539-4

Published Date: 2015

Page Count: 342  , File Size: 14 Mb

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