Essentials of Esthetic Dentistry: Smile Design Integrating Esthetics and Function

Volume Two


  • Jonathan B. Levine


Jonathan B. Levine DMD presents a new volume designed to introduce practitioners to aesthetic dentistry with the goal of safely expanding his or her current scope of ethical dental practice. Richly illustrated in full colour throughout, this beautiful yet practical volume introduces the subject of smile design to the reader with topics ranging from aligners and veneers to space management. “Smile Design Integrating Aesthetics and Function” will be suitable for dental practitioners worldwide.

  • Experts of international renown present the latest scientifically authoritative and evidenced-based information, amply supported by a high-quality line artwork and photographic illustration
  • Describes in detail assessment techniques for smile design, the use of trial procedures and the use of photography, aligners, and ceramic veneers.
  • Highlights the way in which high quality esthetics can be achieved with a range of techniques.
  • Emphasizes the importance of effective communication between the dentist, the oral healthcare team and the patient to ensure the patient’s and team’s expectations are appreciated, managed and met
  • Designed to challenge traditional thinking, advance knowledge and expand the clinical approach to a growing discipline
  • Offers a highly visual, practical approach in a unique series format
  • Aims to strengthen, enhance and expand the scope of aesthetic professional practice

ISBN: 9780723435556

Published Date: 2016

Page Count:  299 , File Size: 148 Mb

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