Essentials of Pediatric Oral Pathology


Mayur Chaudhary

Chaudhary Shweta Dixit


The book “Essentials of PEDIATRIC ORAL PATHOLOGY” elucidates the numerous pathological entities in pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentistry has grown and become the one of the highest summits in dentistry. This book covers dental caries, infectious diseases, and diseases of salivary glands, bone and skin in a simplified manner in context with children. This book comprises of fifteen chapters on pediatric dentistry. Developmental disturbances in children explains about disturbances of jaws, lips and palate, oral mucosa, tongue, salivary glands and teeth. Trends, early theories, current concepts, classification, diagnosis, prevention and management of caries are clearly discussed in this chapter. Every chapter in this book is provided with adequate and to-the-point references for greater exploration of the topic by young enthusiastic minds. The chapter on pulp pathologies in children covers the reversible pulpitis, focal reversible pulpitis, acute pulpitis, pulpal granuloma, pulp necrosis, pulp degeneration and pulp calcification. Sequelae of pulp pathologies, gingival and periodontal diseases, cysts, odontogenic tumors, epithelial pathology, bone pathology, salivary gland lesions, skin lesions, infectious diseases and connective tissue pathology in children are explained in different chapters. Chapter on forensic odontology in children is also included which deals with the currently relevant topics of child abuse and neglect.

ISBN: 978-93-5025-374-8

Published Date: 2011

Page Count: 479  , File Size: 108 Mb

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