Essentials of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry


Harpreet Singh


This book aims to impart learning on various aspects of preclinical conservative dentistry, such as instruments, models, materials, techniques, patient-operator positioning, so that students can efficiently deal with preclinical lab situations. The text is written in simple and clear style with numerous photographs and line diagrams for easy understanding. Key features: the chapter ‘preclinical conservative dentistry: the concept and its scope’, supported by illustrations of plaster models and typodonts for essential guidance, describes in detail the lab work to be performed by students. Instruments used in operative dentistry have been described individually, supported by line diagrams and photographs for easy identification and understanding. Chapter on patient and operator’s positioning describes the ergonomics in dental practice, an essential component of students’ training programme. The tooth preparations on plaster models and typodonts have been illustrated in a step-by-step procedure for clear understanding and easy reproducibility. Evaluation tables have been provided to help students self-evaluate their preparations and restorations. Matrices, both traditional and recent ones, have been discussed with illustrations for better clinical applicability. The step-by-step procedure of placing the amalgam and composite restoration has been described in a simplified manner, supported by pictures and illustrations. The chapters such as ‘non-carious cervical lesions’, ‘vital pulp therapy’ and ‘traumatic injuries’ are additional highlights, which discuss the basic information required on these topics.

ISBN: 978-81-8473-920-6

Published Date: 2013

Page Count:  306 , File Size: 115 Mb

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