Esthetics in Dentistry, Schwartz-Arad


  • Devorah Schwartz-Arad


A unique collaboration between 17 internationally renowned women dentists has resulted in an inspirational textbook on esthetics in modern dentistry. Illustrated with over 800 figures, the book presents a thorough overview of various aspects of esthetics, including orthodontics and orthognathics, implant therapy, restoration, rehabilitation, materials, trauma, and surgery.

Each author also provides fascinating insights into her journey to become a successful female dentist in a male-dominated industry. The stories differ, but the results are the same – excellent patient care and excellent esthetics.


The esthetic smile
• Teeth and jaw posture behind the attractive smile: Orthodontic and orthognathic aspects
• How to detect facial defects to create a perfect smile
• Smile design
• Esthetics and orthodontics: Alignment for a perfect smile
• Creating the smile with dental implants

Esthetics in adults
• Anterior conservative rehabilitation with composite resin
• Esthetic rehabilitation of endodontically treated anterior teeth
• Adult orthodontics: Collapsed arch patients
• Full-mouth reconstruction and esthetic implant therapy
• Premature tooth wear and esthetic dentistry
• A holistic approach to esthetics in prosthodontics

Materials for esthetic treatment
• Dental ceramics: Classifications and indications

Surgery for long-term esthetics
• Horizontal bone augmentation: Achieving long-term predictable outcomes in implant placement
• Facial esthetics after tumor/trauma-surgeries and congenital defects
• Combined surgical procedures for improving the esthetics in moderate to severe bone deficiency in the anterior maxilla

ISBN: 978-1-85097-293-8

e-Book ISBN: 978-3-86867-354-8

Published Date: 2016

Page Count: 354  , File Size: 48 Mb

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