Ethical Questions in Dentistry, 2nd Edition


  • James T. Rule
  • Robert M. Veatch


Updated to reflect the current ethical climate, this book presents clinical practice cases in which arguments can be made for differing courses of action or in which the obligations of the professional are in conflict; the reader is asked to determine the ethically correct response to such conflicts. In this revised edition, detailed background material has been added to many of the cases to foster more well-reasoned ethical decision making. In addition, cases on sexual harassment and advertising have been introduced, and those on financial and HIV issues have been updated. An entirely new chapter on the structure and obligations of the various professions has been added. This book will continue to be of value to members of the dental profession and is now better suited to the needs of ethics courses for dental students.

ISBN: 978-0867154436
ISBN-10: 0867154438
Published Date: 2004
Page Count:  340 , File Size: 72 Mb

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Ethical Questions in Dentistry, 2nd Edition

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