Fundamentals of Periodontics, 2nd Edition


Thomas G Wilson
Kenneth S. Kornman


Newly revised and expanded, this clinically oriented text provides the essential information needed to understand periodontal diseases and deliver effective treatment. Written in a user-friendly style, it thoroughly explains the biology of the periodontium in health and disease, gives detailed instructions on patient examination, and discusses various local and systemic risk factors. Actual case scenarios illustrate how to interpret clinical evidence, make a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan for the most common forms of disease. Six chapters are devoted to implant therapy, and four others address adjunct treatment procedures that may be needed to enhance periodontal health. With color images throughout, this textbook is as valuable a resource for general practitioners and dental hygienists as it is for students.

ISBN: 978-8192297767

Published Date: 2003

Page Count: 651  , File Size: 405 Mb

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