General and Oral Pathology for Dental Hygiene Practice

  • Sandra L. Myers
  • Alice E. Curran

Develop the foundation in pathology you need to recognize the signs and symptoms of the oral conditions and the manifestations of systemic diseases you’ll encounter in clinical practice.

Step by step, you’ll learn about the etiology of each disease or condition, how to recognize it, what the diagnostic process is, how the disease progresses, and what the treatment options are. Concise text and full-color photographs, complemented by animations of pathological processes online at DavisPlus, show you exactly what you need to know. Interactive case studies and critical-thinking exercises prepare you to make the correct patient care decisions.

ISBN: 978-0-8036-2577-8

Published Date: 2014

Page Count:  361 , File Size: 138 Mb

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General and Oral Pathology for Dental Hygiene Practice

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