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Suturing a wound is fun and satisfying to perform. However, learning the various suturing techniques can be a trying experience. Suturing in the mouth further complicates the situation. Section II attempts to unravel the mystery of placing and tying sutures. The key instruments and materials used for intraoral suturing are presented.
A detailed description and heavily illustrated guide to suturing follows.
Section III addresses the topic of diagnostic pathology, providing a well-reasoned approach to describing and differentiating oral lesions. A discussion of various biopsy techniques is then given to help the student be able to surgically sample oral soft tissue, when indicated, and then submit the sample for examination by an oral and maxillofacial pathologist.
Section IV provides guidance on prescription writing. A succinct discussion follows of analgesics and antibiotics commonly used for the oral surgery patient. Just as with any of the skills needed to become a well-trained general dentist, learning under the close guidance of expert faculty is required. This manual is intended to complement faculty instruction. Also, just as with many of the surgical skills dentists acquire, there is an aspect of art in their

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

August 2015  Volume 73 , Supplement 1

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