Hand Hygiene: A Handbook for Medical Professionals

  • Didier Pittet
  • John M. Boyce
  • Benedetta Allegranzi

The first comprehensive, authoritative review of one of the most fundamental and important issues in infection control and patient safety, hand hygiene. Developed and presented by the world’s leading scholar-clinicians, Hand Hygiene is an essential resource for all medical professionals.

  • Developed and presented by the world leaders in this fundamental topic 
  • Fully integrates World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and policies
  • Offers a global perspective in tackling hand hygiene issues in developed and developing countries
  • Coverage of basic and highly complex clinical applications of hand hygiene practices
  • Includes novel and unusual aspects and issues in hand hygiene such as religious and cultural aspects and patient participation
  • Offers guidance at the individual, institutional, and organizational levels for national and worldwide hygiene promotion campaigns

ISBN: 978-1-118-84686-5
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-118-84685-8
Published Date: 2020
Page Count:  473 , File Size: 10 Mb

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